While our roots are in the Savo region of Finland, we are a globally operating company. We have carried out projects in Finland, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Uruguay and Egypt. In addition to internationality, we highly value our Finnish origins and family entrepreneurship as the starting points that define our identity. Indeed, our clients also appreciate the reliability and high quality brought by these aspects.

We are exceptionally skilled in problem-solving. We are a committed and customer-oriented partner in projects that require special expertise. We provide solid expertise in the industry, an unwavering attitude and performance ability which enable us to improve the competitiveness of our clients and help them reach their business objectives.

UKKO-STEAM was established in 2014. The company’s unique competence is based on Janne Kolehmainen’s expertise gathered over several decades spent in challenging and versatile expert positions in the industry. This competence has been put into practice in the entire company, allowing employees to carry forward what has been learned. We make constant efforts to develop ourselves, our technology, and our services. Our aim is to grow and expand our company responsibly and in accordance with our values.

Our vision is to be a family-owned company with satisfied employees, owners and global clients. Our mission is to help our clients increase their profitability.


Safety & health

The wellbeing, safety and health of our employees are important for us. Our projects carried out at construction sites expose employees to both short and long term health risks, such as falls and chemicals, which is why we take occupational health and safety seriously. Safety planning is part of the careful preliminary planning of the work phases of our projects. During a project, risks are minimised with the help of safety monitoring and quality control. We always comply with local laws and statutes in our activities.

Human rights & the environment

We support and comply with international human rights We carry out our operations in a manner that causes as little harm to the environment as possible. We support sustainable development and follow environmental laws and statutes.


Employees are a resource of a company. We support the professional growth of our staff with training that promotes development at work. We treat all our employees with respect and comply with the relevant laws and statutes.

Ethical guidelines

In our cooperation, we aim to ensure that business activities are beneficial, honest and profitable for everyone involved. We stand against corruption and bribery in all of their forms. We find it important to operate fully legally and will therefore neither accept bribes from anyone nor pay bribes to anyone.